Tips on Getting Rid of Dog Poop Stains

It seems like they can never do wrong when it comes to your furry friends. That’s until you catch your pets scooting their poop across the flooring or realize that your dog had it unintentionally, and you are left with a stain which will not go away no matter what you do. Therefore, what do you do if your dog makes the mess. Do not fret. The following are some of the best tips on how to remove a dog poop and get rid of the stains it produces:

1. Get Rid of Solid Waste

Still, it goes without saying that, however, the professional and reliable dog poop removal service provider insist that you have to remove as much solid trash as you can. As a matter of fact, there is no point in blotting immediately when there is solid waste to get rid of. The best method is to use gloves as safety precaution. If you don’t have any gloves, get a new plastic, put it in your hand, and then, grab as much of trash as you can. When all the waste has been grabbed, turn the plastic bag inside and out, tie at the ends then throw the plastic into the trash bin outside. Do not forget to wash hands, even after you use gloves.

2. Try a Different Solution

Don’t you like the thought of using vinegar on any stained carpet? Use club soda in order to lift the stain. Then, blow away the soda with the use of a white rag you do not mind tossing. Once you have removed all of the stains or even just the most, you may blot it with a small portion of dish soap to wash the affected location. Rinse with soda. When the stain has totally been eliminated, leave your carpet in order to dry and fluff.

3. Address the Stain

You have cleaned the waste and now that you have to address the stains on your rug, fabric or carpet. Do you start blotting the spot immediately? Considering a dog poop can be dangerous to one’s health, you should start blotting the area. Use a combination of 1-2 drops of dish soap, 16 oz. of warm water and 3 oz. white vinegar with a clean white rag to begin the blotting process until you notice the stain lifts away as well as transfers onto the cloth. After this, it would still be best to dispose the rag right away.

4. Clean Your Clothes

Once you happen to remove the stains on your clothes, then do not ever panic. You can actually remove these stains by soaking the affected area on your fabric or clothing in a warm water with detergent which contains enzymes. Then, wash it with a regular bleach on white clothing and color safe bleach for clothes that are not white.

However, for better results with less worries and stress, you should hire a professional dog pool removal service provider or a Dog waste management company.

Looking for Environmentally Friendly Fencing Materials

When talking about fencing materials, there are basically a wide array of different factors which commercial fencing professionals take into consideration. As a matter of fact, one of these aspects is sustainability and because these professionals have been finding deeper into environmentally friendly materials, the professionals have decided to share their thoughts on the said topic. If you are serious about saving your environment, then choosing an eco-friendly and sustainable fencing material may be a very good step to decreasing your carbon footprints.


Since bamboo is one of the fastest growing trees in the world, it is also considered as the king of renewable or recyclable materials. When you take into account that bamboo may grow up to 3 feet tall in one whole day given the appropriate conditions, it is a no surprise that a bamboo fence has rapidly expanded in popularity for sustainable fencing as well as building. In addition to that, commercial fencing professionals prefer using the bamboo material since it is incredibly durable while being lightweight at the same time. Aside from that, bamboo also absorbs considerably more carbon dioxide and releases 30 percent more oxygen as compared with some other plants or trees.

Composite Materials

They basically have been around for a long period of time in the fencing industry however, there are other fencing companies started producing composite blends with the use of the organic materials. With that being said, professional and reputable commercial fencing service providers want how the composite fence takes advantage of recycled and renewable materials while mimicking the feel and look of wood, coming in a different blend to choose from.

The most perfect composite fencing will usually benefit from a slight coating of renewable plastic, making them free of moisture without the use of the chemical sealants or treatments.

Privacy Shrubs and Trees

One of the eco-friendliest options for your residential or commercial fencing would be the use of the shrubs and trees. Having a living thing as your fence is considered to be the most environmentally friendly choice while being aesthetically stunning.

Hedgehog-Friendly Fences

A hedgehog-friendly fence is something you must take into account if you are considering to be conscious in the environment. Professional and highly experienced commercial fencing service providers have noticed a significantly growing trend of clients across the globe who have been finding for fences with hedgehogs.

Allowing these cute, little species pass through your landscaped garden not only gives appropriate domains to meet other hedgehogs however, it means that you will have a little helping hand who likes eating garden pests such as beetles, caterpillars and slugs. With the growing population of the hedgehogs, small efforts can actually help bring back an eco-friendly animal into the ecosystem.

Now that you have already a better point of view of environmentally friendly and sustainable fencing choices, you should then hire a professional and highly reputable commercial fencing service provider such as Tulsa fence contractors in order to achieve an eco-friendly garden. For more information, simply click the link we have provided.